Daund: Doubling Chord Line to save 30 minutes on train journeys

The Solapur Railway Division will carry out the project, which is anticipated to be completed by December 2024, and will benefit 70000 passengers
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Pune: The Daund Chord line is set for a major upgrade with the introduction of a second track, eliminating the need for 28 trains traveling between Pune and Manmad to stop for crossings. This improvement is expected to save at least 30 minutes on travel time for these routes.

The Solapur Railway Division will carry out the project, which is anticipated to be completed by December 2024. The new double track will allow trains to run smoothly in both directions, significantly benefiting more than 70000 passengers.

Chord Line is the shortest distance between two given railway stations. Currently, the single-track Daund Chord Line forces trains traveling from Pune to Manmad to halt at Patas for crossings, while those coming from Manmad stop at Kashti. The single track necessitates stops for at least one train, inconveniencing passengers. To address this issue, the Pune Railway Division proposed doubling the chord line, a plan that has now received approval.

The ongoing doubling project between Daund and Manmad will incorporate the chord line work, which means no additional funding will be required. The project is scheduled for completion by December 2024, with the Solapur division responsible for the construction.

Currently, there is a single platform at the Daund Chord Line where both up and down trains stop. With the addition of the second track, a new 750-meter platform will be constructed on the opposite side, providing separate platforms for up and down trains, enhancing convenience for passengers.

The section from Daund Chord Line to Kashti is currently a block section, allowing only one train at a time. The doubling will eliminate the need for 28 train crossings in this section, benefiting passengers and reducing delays.

On average, each train carries around 2,500 passengers. The new track will eliminate crossing stops, and with 28 trains running daily on this route, approximately 70,000 passengers will benefit. Currently, trains heading from Pune to Manmad stop at Patas for crossings, while those coming from Manmad to Pune stop near Kashti. With the double line, no trains will need to stop for crossings.

Doubling the cord line will prevent crossing stops for 28 trains running through this section, benefiting passengers and saving time for delayed trains.

Dr. Ramdas Bhise, Senior Divisional Operations Manager, Pune

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