Deputy Sarpanch saves five children from drowning in farm pond

Sooraj Machale, who was nearby turning off his borewell pump, heard their cries for help and immediately jumped into the water and rescued all children.
Sooraj Machale
Sooraj Machale

Pune: In a heroic act, Deputy Sarpanch Sooraj Machale of Inamgaon in Shirur taluka saved the lives of five children who were drowning in a farm pond. The children, aged between 10 and 12, were swimming in the pond on Saturday afternoon when they began to struggle in the deep water.

The incident occurred around 4 PM when the children, identified as Shivraj Manohar Kangune, Saksham Navnath Kharat, Omkar Kiran Kharat, Gaurav Kiran Kharat, and Prithviraj Ravindra Kharat, ventured into the pond unaware of its depth. None of them were strong swimmers.

Sooraj Machale, who was nearby turning off his borewell pump, heard their cries for help and immediately rushed to the scene. Without hesitation, he jumped into the water and managed to rescue all five children, bringing them to safety. His prompt and courageous actions have been widely praised by the local community.

"I saw four children clinging to one who was trying to swim, all screaming for help. Without wasting a moment, I jumped into the pond with my clothes on. I first managed to rescue three of them safely, then the remaining two. I am relieved and satisfied that I could save all five children," said Machale.

Kiran Kharat, father of two of the rescued children, expressed his gratitude, saying "My two sons were saved from the jaws of death due to the vigilance and bravery of Suraj Machale. His selfless act of risking his own life to save the children is commendable. Our entire family is deeply grateful to him."

This incident has raised concerns about the safety of farm ponds in the region. Last month, two siblings drowned in a farm pond in Pabal, and three months ago, a farm laborer drowned in Mandavgan Pharata. Many farmers in Shirur Taluka have constructed farm ponds, but the lack of protective netting around these ponds has led to numerous accidents and fatalities.

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