Disciplinary Action: Khed's Deputy Collector Jogendra Katyare suspended

Katyare had requested transfer of District Collector Suhas Divase before the Loksabha elections vote count, citing his alleged political connections.
Disciplinary Action: Khed's Deputy Collector Jogendra Katyare suspended

Pune: The state government has suspended Jogendra Katyare, the Deputy Collector of Khed, for breaching office discipline by directly writing to the Chief Election Commissioner against District Collector Dr. Suhas Divase.

This action, which tarnished the state government's image, led to the suspension. During this period, a departmental inquiry will be conducted, and Katyare's headquarters will be the District Collector's office. He will not be permitted to leave the headquarters without prior approval from the District Collector against whom he filed the complaint.

Katyare bypassed prescribed protocols while lodging his complaint against his superior officers, which the state government deemed improper, issuing a show-cause notice to him.

He was given seven days to respond to the notice. Following his failure to adhere to official procedures, the state government decided to suspend him. The suspension order was issued by Additional Secretary Sanjeev Rane on behalf of the Governor.

Katyare is accused of confusing administrative work with election conduct during the election period and making baseless allegations by writing directly to the Election Commission and the Chief Election Officer. This act was seen as a violation of office discipline and damaging to the government's reputation.

Consequently, a departmental inquiry under Rule 8 of the Maharashtra Civil Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1979, has been initiated, and Katyare has been suspended during this inquiry period.

He will remain stationed at the District Collector's office and cannot leave without prior consent. Additionally, he is barred from engaging in any private employment during this period.

Katyare had previously requested the transfer of Divase before the vote count, citing alleged political connections and mental harassment by Divase.

The state government took serious note of the matter and instructed Divisional Commissioner Dr. Chandrakant Pulkundwar to investigate and report. Following Pulkundwar's report, the state government issued the suspension notice to Kattyare.

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