Extortion Threats and Corruption Plague Chakan MIDC

Due to fear of retaliation and the need to continue their businesses, owners are hesitant to file complaints, allowing exploitation in various ways.
Extortion Threats and Corruption Plague Chakan MIDC

Pune: Company owners in Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation's (MIDC) Chakan are troubled by persistent demands for money from local goons and some political figures, as well as corruption among administrative officials.

Due to the fear of retaliation and the need to continue their businesses, owners are hesitant to file complaints, allowing local goons and corrupt officials to exploit them for extortion in various ways.

Chakan MIDC hosts around 1,500 small and large companies, employing millions of workers and generating thousands of crores in revenue annually for the government.

However, the area is plagued by issues like road congestion, pollution, sewage problems, and erratic power supply. More concerning is the rampant extortion by local goons and self-proclaimed political figures who demand money from company owners.

These extortionists pressure companies to buy raw materials from them, sell scrap only to them, hire their agency's employees, and award tenders to them.

Despite the Federation of Chakan Industries raising these issues multiple times and the Pimpri-Chinchwad Police Commissioner urging complaints, fear of local goons prevents any action. Additionally, obtaining various necessary permits involves demands for bribes from several government officials.

One company owner, requesting anonymity, said, "I haven't faced direct money demands, but workers frequently come for donations and funds. They won't leave without money. Local company owners aren’t harassed as much, but outsiders face constant trouble from these extortionists."

To combat growing corruption and extortion, Chakan MIDC company owners met with Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officers, detailing the ongoing corruption and harassment by local goons.

They were advised to report any demands for money to 9175022550, with assurance that the complainant's identity would be kept confidential and the culprits would be acted against.

Common Extortion Tactics:

  • Donations for food distribution

  • Large contributions for events

  • Funds for community service

  • General monetary help

Speaking with media persons, Rajendra Gaur, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chakan Division, said, "Police have been consistently visiting Chakan MIDC companies to understand their problems. Complaints about money demands, threats, or bullying are acted upon, even if reported verbally. The police maintain coordination with companies and urge owners to report any malpractice without fear."

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