Fake Army Job Promises: Man Arrested for Defrauding Family of ₹29 Lakh

Military Intelligence and police carried out joint operation leading to the arrest. Incident took place in June 2020-21 at Khadki Military Hospital.
Fake Army Job Promises: Man Arrested for Defrauding Family of ₹29 Lakh

Pune: A man from Kolhapur has been arrested for allegedly defrauding three members of a family by promising them jobs in the Indian Army. The accused deceived the victims out of a staggering ₹29 lakh.

The Military Intelligence and police carried out a joint operation leading to the arrest. A case has been registered at Khadki Police Station.

The complaint was filed by Satappa Ramchandra Vagre (46) from Karanjaphel, Shirol, Radhanagari, Kolhapur. Based on his complaint, the police registered a case against Sandeep Balwant Gurav (39), a resident of Sanskar Bungalow, Shanti Udyan, Aptenagar, Kolhapur. The fraudulent activities occurred between June 1, 2020, and July 12, 2021, at the Military Hospital in Khadki.

Military Intelligence of the Southern Command and Khadki Police are investigating the case. Another suspect, Ashwini Patil, has also been detained and is currently being questioned.

According to the police, Satappa Vagre works as a conductor at Radhanagari AC Depot in Kolhapur. In 2020, Vagre was introduced to Sandeep Gurav through a friend.

Gurav claimed to be retired from the army and had significant connections that could secure various job positions. Vagre mentioned that his nephew was preparing for army recruitment and requested Gurav’s assistance in securing a job.

Gurav instructed Vagre to bring his nephew and two other family members to the Military Hospital in Khadki. During the meeting, Gurav assured them that he could secure jobs for all three but demanded ₹12 lakh per person, totaling ₹36 lakh.

He provided them with fake appointment letters. When the family members reported to the Military Hospital with these letters, they were informed at the gate that the appointment letters were fake.

Realizing they had been duped, Vagre and his family reported the incident. The police are now investigating whether Sandeep Gurav has defrauded other individuals in a similar manner.

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