Fake Disability Certificate: IAS Puja Khedkar skipped six medical tests

Puja Khedkar presented a vision impairment certificate to clear the UPSC exam. Who facilitated Puja Khedkar's appointment using a fake certificate?
IAS Puja Khedkar
IAS Puja Khedkar

Pune: Puja Khedkar, the controversial trainee IAS officer, has allegedly used a fake disability certificate to clear the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam and secure her government job.

It has been reported that Puja Khedkar presented a certificate indicating a vision impairment to clear the UPSC exam. The selection committee of the commission summoned her for medical examinations at Delhi's AIIMS hospital six times, but she repeatedly avoided these tests.

It is now being claimed that she secured her position using a fraudulent certificate. Questions are being raised about who facilitated Puja Khedkar's appointment using a fake certificate and who might be behind this alleged fraud. All eyes are now on the investigation to see what action will be taken against her if the allegations are proven true.

Puja Khedkar is an IAS officer from the 2023 batch. She was initially appointed as a trainee officer in Pune in June but has been transferred to Washim district due to certain controversies.

Puja Khedkar is the daughter of former officer Dilip Khedkar from Pathardi in the Ahmednagar district. Dilip Khedkar contested the 2024 Lok Sabha elections with support from the Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi but was defeated. Pooja's mother, Dr. Manorama Khedkar, serves as the elected Sarpanch of Bhalgaon.

Khedkar's tenure in Pune began on June 3. Khedkar was appointed as a probationary Assistant District Magistrate and since then she allegedly made various demands from senior officers since her appointment.

Even before officially taking charge, she sent multiple WhatsApp messages to the District Magistrate and the Resident Deputy Collector, demanding a separate meeting space, vehicle, accommodation, and an attendant.

She reportedly occupied a senior officer's antechamber and used a private vehicle with a red beacon, actions that prompted Pune District Collector Suhas Divase to file a formal complaint.

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