Fraud using Aadhaar Card: Cyber crooks extort ₹12.5 lakh from software engineer

The victim (29) from Yevalewadi, works as software engineer at a company in Magarpatta. Originally from Uttarakhand, she is living in Pune since 2018.
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Pune: A shocking incident has come to light where cyber criminals exploited a young software engineer, claiming misuse of her Aadhaar card. They alleged that the card had been used for money laundering and drug trafficking, threatening her with imminent arrest. The engineer, trapped in their scheme, ended up losing ₹12.5 lakh. Kondhwa Police have registered a case of fraud against unknown individuals.

The victim, a 29-year-old woman from Yevalewadi, works as a software engineer at a company in Magarpatta. Originally from Uttarakhand, she has been living in Pune since 2018 for her job. On May 16, she received an internet call from someone posing as a police officer.

The caller claimed that a parcel was being sent from Mumbai to Taiwan using her Aadhaar card and directed her to speak with a cybercrime sub-inspector. The sub-inspector intimidated her, saying that various charges of money laundering and drug trafficking were filed against her and that she could be arrested within three hours. He then instructed her to download the Skype app for a video call.

During the call, the fraudsters extracted information about her bank accounts, insurance, and savings, ultimately siphoning off ₹12.5 lakh from her accounts, assuring her that the money would be returned after verification.

When they demanded more money, the woman sought ₹500000 from a friend. Her friend and father realized she was being scammed and advised her to file a complaint. Following their advice, she lodged a complaint at the Kondhwa Police Station, resulting in a case against the unknown fraudsters.

Inspector Manasing Patil of Kondhwa Police Station stated, "Cyber criminals are exploiting fear to deceive citizens. In such situations, people should immediately contact the police to avoid being defrauded."

Safety Tips:

  • Do not share bank-related information with strangers.

  • Discuss any suspicious calls or messages with family members immediately.

  • If threatened or asked for money, contact the police.

  • Do not share OTPs with unknown callers.

  • Keep confidential information private.

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