High-Profile Investigations: ACP Sunil Tambe Transferred to Special Branch

Tambe's leadership, investigative skills had significant impact on critical cases, making his transfer a topic of discussion among his colleagues.
ACP Sunil Tambe
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Pune: Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Sunil Tambe has been reassigned from the Crime Branch to the Special Branch, as per orders from Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar.

This decision follows Tambe's notable involvement in several high-profile investigations, including the Lalit Patil drug trafficking case, the Sharad Mohol murder case, the Kurkumbh drug racket, and the prominent Kalyaninagar accident case.

Tambe's reassignment comes just a few months before his scheduled retirement, raising eyebrows within the police force. His replacement, ACP Ganesh Ingle, will now assume responsibilities in Crime Branch 1.

Tambe's leadership and investigative skills had a significant impact on these critical cases, making the timing of his transfer a topic of discussion among his colleagues.

Appointed to the Crime Branch on July 3 of last year, Tambe's transfer to the Special Branch has been met with surprise and speculation, given his crucial role in solving major cases during his tenure.

During the high-profile Lalit Patil drug trafficking case court hearing, ACP Sunil Tambe's choice to attend the court in civilian attire had attracted judicial scrutiny.

The judge had questioned his absence of uniform, highlighting the statutory obligation to wear it. ACP Tambe had pledged to adhere to this requirement in the future, but the court underscored that failing to wear the proper attire, particularly for officials, violates regulations.

The law mandates uniformed presence in court, and neglecting this duty tarnishes both the police force and the court's standing. As a result, the court had contemplating reporting this breach to the disciplinary authorities.

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