Holi 2021: Stay-at-home and celebrate with Sakal
Here's how you can celebrate Holi at homeImage: Sakal Media

Holi 2021: Stay-at-home and celebrate with Sakal

Here's how you can celebrate Holi, while staying at home

Holi, the festival of colours, is just around the corner. But just like last year, this year too, the pandemic has managed to spill water over all the celebration plans.

Despite the vaccination drives, there has been an increase in the Covid-19 numbers, and most Holi plans stand cancelled. The government has also issued strict rules against celebrating Holi. Keeping in mind the high number of positive cases, it is only wise to skip the celebration.

Considering the situation and the sudden rise in cases. Experts have also emphasised the need for adequate precautions especially during festivals.

Dr Aditi Malpani, the Senior Physician from Sancheti Hospital, said, "People should keep their Holi celebration limited. Those who have any signs of cough, cold and fever should not play Holi in groups this year. Also, if you are facing any weakness, refrain from playing Holi in the group. Also, playing with cold water will increase the chance of getting infected with the flu. Hence, one should play holy with only dry colours."

We know from experience, that with the ever-evolving Covid-19 virus, it is not enough to wear a mask and take precautions. Rather, avoiding social interactions of any kind is the right way to stay away from Covid. Additionally, considering the nature of the celebration where physical contact is unavoidable, it is best to stay indoors.

But letting a festival go without celebration, does feel wrong.

In an attempt to promote the stay-at-home Holi, Sakal released 'Sakal Holi Beats 2K21'. Music is an essential part of Holi celebrations, and saying no to Holi, does not mean no to music.

Groove to the beats of a local artist at home and enjoy the festival at home.

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