Innovative Floriculture: Junnar Farmer Nets ₹24 Lakh from 10 Acres of Flowers

Currently, the flower production is about 15 tons per acre. The market price averages between ₹180 to ₹250 per 10 kg.
Flowers on Kaas Pathar, Satara
Flowers on Kaas Pathar, SataraImage by: Khevna Pandit

Pune: In recent times, farmers are stepping out of traditional farming methods and incorporating innovative and modern technological practices in agriculture.

This shift not only increases their income but also enhances their knowledge and experience. A remarkable example is Machhindra Mahadu Thete, a farmer from Manjarwadi (Junnar Taluka), who earned an impressive ₹24 lakh in just 75 days by cultivating flowers on 10 acres of land.

Machhindra Thete planted 16,000 saplings of the 33011 flower variety on 10 acres. Before planting, he prepared the soil with two truckloads of manure and added 10:26:26 basal dose (two sacks), 24:24:00 Mahadhan (two sacks), 20 kg of micronutrients, and 20 kg of recharge humic components into the beds.

After planting, he used Roko fungicide and humic acid for drenching. He also applied insecticides as needed to combat pests like caterpillars, whiteflies, thrips, and diseases like blight. Water-soluble fertilizers were used as required. From soil preparation to the sale of flowers, he incurred a cost of ₹60,000 per acre.

Production within 75 days of planting

Currently, the flower production is about 15 tons per acre. The market price averages between ₹180 to ₹250 per 10 kg. Each acre yields an income of ₹3 lakh, leaving a net profit of ₹2.4 lakh per acre after deducting capital expenses.

Thus, with 10 acres, Machhindra Thete has earned a net profit of ₹24 lakh in just 75 days since planting. He was guided by Ravindra Thorat, the director of Sai Krishi Seva Kendra in Manjarwadi.

Ravindra Thorat, Director, Sai Krishi Seva Kendra, Manjarwadi said, "Changes in farming practices should be embraced by farmers. They should adopt new technologies in line with evolving agricultural practices and continuously experiment with new methods.

Without trying something different and new, farmers' income will not increase. Therefore, farmers should seek advice from agricultural experts and specialists associated with farming."

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