ITI Admissions: Girls gravitating towards welding and machining courses

Pune district is home to 16 government ITIs with combined admission capacity of around 5500 and 45 private ITIs that can accommodate 6500 students.
ITI Admissions: Girls gravitating towards welding and machining courses

Pune: Once dominated by boys, factories are now seeing an increasing number of girls working as welders, fitters, and technicians. This shift is attributed to a growing trend among girls to pursue courses in various technical fields at Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs).

Pune district is home to 16 government ITIs with a combined admission capacity of around 5,500, and 45 private ITIs that can accommodate 6,500 students. Notably, 30 per cent of the seats in each ITI are reserved for girls.

A government ITI exclusively for women in Aundh boasts over 280 seats. These ITIs offer special vocational and technical training courses for girls, including Basic Cosmetology, Dress Making, Fruits and Vegetable Processing, and Interior Decoration and Designing.

Y.K. Suryawanshi, District Vocational Education and Training Officer, remarked, "Girls are showing a preference for traditional vocational courses such as Fruit and Vegetable Processing, Cosmetology, Fashion Technology, and Sewing Technician. They are also gravitating towards courses like Computer Programming Assistant and Electronic Mechanic, as well as engineering fields such as welding and machining."

In ITI admissions, the ratio of boys to available seats is 1:5, while for girls, it is 1:2 or 3. By the end of the admission process, all seats reserved for girls are usually filled. However, girls tend to prefer traditional education paths, and many turn to ITI courses after failing to secure jobs post-graduation. There is a need to raise awareness among girls about the job and business opportunities provided by these vocational courses, emphasized I.R. Bhilegaonkar, Principal of the Government ITI for Women, Aundh.

Girls are increasingly choosing courses such as Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance, Computer Operator and Programming Assistant, Electronics Mechanic, Information Communication Technology System Maintenance, and Technician Power Electronics System. These courses offer good job prospects and opportunities for immediate employment or business upon completion.

In rural areas, girls often have to travel to the taluka headquarters for ITI courses, as vocational courses are not widely available locally. In contrast, urban ITIs offer a variety of courses, leading to higher enrollment rates for girls in urban areas compared to rural areas, according to Somnath Puri, Principal of the Government ITI in Bhor.

Overview of ITIs and Admission Capacity

  • 418 - Total number of government ITIs in the state

  • 574 - Total number of private ITIs in the state

  • 16 - Government ITIs in Pune district

  • 45 - Private ITIs in Pune district

  • 5,500 - Admission capacity in government ITIs in Pune district

  • 6,500 - Admission capacity in private ITIs in Pune district

  • 12,000 - Total admission capacity in Pune district

Aundh Government ITI

  • The only ITI reserved for women in the district

  • 280+ - Admission capacity

  • 30% - Seats reserved for women in all ITIs

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