Kalyani Nagar accident: Pune Police submit detailed report to Juvenile Justice Board

ACP Sunil Tambe explained that report includes in-depth details about the accident, CCTV footage, and statements from involved parties, eyewitnesses.
Porsche Case Evidence Destruction
Porsche Case Evidence Destruction

Pune: The Pune police have submitted a comprehensive investigation report on the tragic Kalyani Nagar accident to the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB), detailing the entire sequence of events and various stages of the investigation.

The incident, which occurred around 2:30 AM on May 19, involved an underage boy who, after drinking at a pub, drove a high-speed luxury car and collided with a motorbike, killing two young computer engineers on the spot. Following the accident, the juvenile was taken into custody but was granted bail within hours, sparking widespread outrage on social media.

The Pune police then appealed to the Sessions Court, seeking to have the juvenile tried as an adult. Directed by the Sessions Court to reapply to the JJB, the police did so, resulting in the boy being placed in a juvenile detention center for 14 days. His stay has since been extended twice. Assistant Commissioner of Police Sunil Tambe explained that the report includes in-depth details about the accident, CCTV footage, and statements from involved parties and eyewitnesses.

The police had requested a 14-day extension to submit their investigation report, as required under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act, which mandates submission within 30 days if the juvenile is to be tried as an adult. Despite the extension request, the police submitted the report within the original deadline.

The JJB has extended the juvenile's detention until June 25. The Pune police's application for an additional 14-day detention was approved after a hearing. Initially ordered to stay until June 5 and then extended to June 12, the boy will now remain in detention until June 25.

The juvenile continues to receive counseling for addiction and psychological issues, with authorities citing threats to his life if released. The juvenile’s post-release guardianship is still undecided, and his identity has been exposed through viral videos of the accident, further increasing the perceived threat.

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