Koregaon Park Land Grabbing: Police Book Eight, Including Two Women

Suspects had set up tents on the vacant plot and were smoking cigarettes. When confronted, suspects verbally abused and slapped complainant.
Koregaon Park Police Station
Koregaon Park Police StationSantosh Dhaware, Google Maps

Pune: An attempt to forcibly and illegally seize land, resulting in an assault on the landowner, has come to light. The incident occurred at plot number 405, Lane No. 7, Koregaon Park, on July 3 at around 9:30 PM.

Koregaon Park police have registered a case against eight individuals, including two women, in connection with the incident.

Nandu Antram Rajput (59), a resident of Warje Jakat Naka, Warje, filed a complaint at the Koregaon Park police station. As per his complaint, Ajay Shinde, Gaurav Kawade, Radha Bai Kawade, Uday Kotnis, Hema Kotnis, Pintu Bapji, and two others have been charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including 329(3), 189(2), 189(3), 190, 191(1), 191(3), 115(2), 352, and 324(4).

According to the police, on the night of July 3, around 9:30 PM, complainant Nandu Rajput, along with his son-in-law Nilesh Bire and driver Tamshete, visited plot number 405, CTS 192, Lane No. 7, Koregaon Park.

They found the accused had set up tents on the vacant plot and were smoking cigarettes. When Rajput informed them that the land belonged to him and asked them to leave, Ajay Shinde became enraged, verbally abused Rajput, and slapped him. Shinde also pushed Rajput's son-in-law, Nilesh Bire.

The other accused then approached Rajput with wooden sticks and iron rods, claiming that he had no right to the property and ordered him to leave while hurling abuses.

During this confrontation, the accused also threatened bystanders, causing panic. As Rajput and his companions were leaving, Ajay Shinde allegedly picked up a stone and smashed the front windshield of their car, causing damage. Police Inspector (Crime) Chetan More is conducting further investigations.

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