L3 Drugs Video: Pune police arrest two individuals seen consuming drugs

Nitin Thombre and Karan Mishra, who are friends, detained for allegedly consuming drugs at L3 bar. Their blood samples will be collected.
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Pune: A major controversy has unfolded in Pune following revelations of a drug party at the L3 bar on FC Road, leading to widespread alarm after videos of the event went viral.

Pune police have detained two young men, Nitin Thombre and Karan Mishra, who were seen consuming drugs in the viral video. The duo was apprehended, one from Pune and the other from Mumbai, and their blood samples are set to be collected for further investigation.

Nitin Thombre and Karan Mishra, who are friends, have been detained for allegedly consuming drugs at L3 bar. The Pune Police Crime Branch will collect their blood samples to determine if they had taken drugs. If confirmed, the investigation will seek to uncover the source of the drugs.

The police raid on the upscale Liquid Leisure Lounge (L3) on Ferguson College Road took place on Sunday (June 23). Following the raid, a video emerged on social media depicting underage individuals consuming drugs in the restaurant's toilet, while others were seen dancing.

Police reports indicate that the bar was operating until 5 AM on Sunday, far beyond the permitted closing time of 1:30 AM for bars and pubs in Pune. Additionally, the establishment was found to be selling alcohol beyond authorized limits.

In response, the state excise department has suspended the license of Liquid Leisure Lounge (L3) and arrested six waiters for violating liquor stock regulations. This case has raised significant concerns about drug use and regulation enforcement in the city.

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