Leakage in Kashedi Tunnel on Mumbai-Goa Highway: Urgent repair underway

NHAI officials have reassured public that the presence of water flows during the monsoon season is not unusual for newly excavated areas.
Image for representational purpose
Image for representational purpose

Pune: The Kashedi Tunnel on the Mumbai-Goa Highway has developed leaks, prompting immediate repair efforts. IIT experts have been called in to assist in addressing the issue.

Constructed as an alternative to the Kashedi Ghat, the Kashedi Tunnel has significantly reduced the travel time between Poladpur and Khed to just 20 minutes, providing a major relief to tourists traveling to and from Mumbai.

However, the onset of the monsoon has led to noticeable leakage in the tunnel, with water sprays emerging at several points, causing concern among passengers and drivers. As the rain intensity increases, so do the water sprays, posing a significant challenge to the highway department.

In response, senior officials from the National Highways Authority conducted an inspection of the tunnel today, accompanied by a team of IIT technicians. The team conducted a thorough survey to identify the causes of the leakage.

Currently, grouting is being employed as a temporary measure to stop the leaks, under the guidance of the IIT experts. Though makeshift measures like installing funnels to redirect water out of the tunnel have been implemented, a permanent solution is required.

The highway department is confident that with the help of the IIT experts, they will soon find and implement an effective solution to control the leakage.

National Highways Authority officials have reassured the public that the presence of water flows during the monsoon season is not unusual for newly excavated areas and that there is no cause for alarm.

"We are doing everything possible to stop the leakage in the Kashedi Tunnel. IIT experts are on board to identify the causes and implement solutions to control the leakage," said Santosh Shelar, Chief Engineer, National Highways Authority.

Additionally, the tunnel on the Konkan-bound lane of the Mumbai-Goa Highway at Kashedi is scheduled to open for traffic by the end of August. Currently, the tunnel from Konkan to Mumbai is being used for two-way traffic.

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