Leopard Sighting in Katraj Ghat: Residents capture video, photos on mobile

Sightings of leopards in Pune district, in the vicinity of human settlements, have been on the rise, which has created sense of fear among residents.
Video Grab: Leopard sighted at Katraj Ghat
Video Grab: Leopard sighted at Katraj Ghat

Pune: A leopard was spotted at Katraj Ghat on Sunday (July 7) night near the Aryan School. Local residents captured photos and videos of the leopard on their mobile, before the animal vanished into dark.

Recently, a video of a leopard crossing Saswad Road in Dive Ghat had gone viral on social media. The footage, showing the leopard walking down the middle of the road, was captured two days ago. The video was recorded at approximately 10:30 am on July 6, by travelers in Dive Ghat. The sighting prompted warnings from the villagers of Wadki to be vigilant while traveling through the area.

The recurring presence of leopards has made residents wary of stepping out during the day, raising concerns about safety and prompting calls for increased vigilance and intervention from forest authorities.

In the Katraj Ghat incident, Sayyed Saif, a garage owner from Bhilarewadi, and his colleague Sajid Sheikh, spotted a leopard in the crusher area while driving their car. They managed to record videos and take photos of the leopard on their mobile phones.

“We were driving in our four-wheeler when we saw the leopard sitting fearlessly. As soon as it sensed our presence, it moved away,” Saif said.

The increasing presence of leopards in the vicinity of human settlements has created a sense of fear among the residents. Sightings of leopards in Pune district have been on the rise.

Leopard sightings have also been reported in Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi, Mangdewadi, and Bhilarewadi, spreading fear among the local populace. A few days ago, a leopard was seen in the Bhilarewadi and Gujar-Nimbalkarwadi areas.

Efforts to contact Forest Officer Sambhaji Gaikwad for comment were unsuccessful. However, it is noted that Katraj Ghat and its surroundings are forest areas, where leopard sightings have been previously reported.

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