Liquor smuggling from Goa: Large stock concealed in cosmetic boxes seized

Truck with liquor stock worth ₹1.28 crore intercepted at Khed Shivapur on Pune-Satara road. Contraband liquor was hidden in boxes of cosmetics.
Representational Image
Representational Image

Pune: The Maharashtra State Excise Department's Pune team has uncovered a case of liquor smuggling from Goa, concealed in cosmetic boxes.

During an operation in the Khed Shivapur area on the Pune-Satara road, the department seized a liquor stock worth ₹1.28 crore and a truck, with the total seizure amounting to ₹1.51 crore.

Sunil Chakravarti was arrested in connection with this case. Liquor in Goa is cheaper compared to Maharashtra due to lower taxes. This price difference has led to increased smuggling activities from Goa to Pune and its surrounding areas.

The Pune office of the State Excise Department had received information about illegal liquor smuggling from Goa. In response, enforcement actions against illegal liquor sales have been initiated, particularly targeting city pubs and bars. The department's teams have been conducting patrols to curb such activities.

The department received a tip-off about a truck smuggling Goa liquor through the Khed Shivapur area on the Pune-Satara road. The team set up a checkpoint and intercepted the suspicious truck. Upon inspection, they discovered boxes of cosmetics, with the contraband liquor boxes hidden behind them.

A total of 2,000 boxes of Goa liquor were seized from the truck, valued at ₹1.28 crore. Both the liquor and the truck were confiscated.

The operation was conducted under the guidance of Pune office Superintendent Charansingh Rajput, with the involvement of Deputy Inspectors Pradeep Mohite, Ram Supekar, Rohit Mane, Dhaval Golekar, Sagar Durve, and Sandeep Mandavekar.

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