BJP sets difficult conditions for Narayan Rane

BJP sets difficult conditions for Narayan Rane

NEW DELHI/PUNE: The senior politician from Maharashtra, Narayan Rane, is going to face some tough conditions if he wants to join the BJP and if Rane does not accept these conditions, his entry into BJP will be difficult, according to informed sources within the BJP.

On Monday, Rane had a brief meeting with BJP President Amit Shah in Delhi after BJP's national convention. Sources said that the BJP is unwilling to accept the Rane's demand that both his sons being accommodated in the party with some positions.

The party has told Rane that he should join and work towards bringing at least 15 non-BJP MLAs of the State assembly to the BJP in the coming months and if he is able to do that, his demand about accommodating his sons will be thought about. The BJP has also made it clear to Rane that he would not be given any assurance about an entry into State cabinet immediately after his entry into the party. These conditions are believed to have disappointed Rane, putting a question mark over his entry into the ruling party.

Rane quit from the Congress Party and gave up his position in the State council last week and said that his next step would be announced on or before Dussehra. Sources had earlier indicated that Rane will join the BJP and will be given a cabinet berth in the State government. About three months ago, Rane had a meeting with Amit Shah in Ahmedabad in the presence of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis where a basic discussion about Rane's switch over from the Congress to BJP was discussed. Rane joined the Congress Party in 2005 after spending several decades in Shiv Sena.

The Sena is averse to Rane's joining the State government and has given a clear indication that it will quit from the government if Rane is taken in the government as a BJP minister.

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