COVID-19: Is Solapur losing the battle due to lack of coordination between health officials

COVID-19: Is Solapur losing the battle due to lack of coordination between health officials

Solapur: Non-optimal use of available health infrastructure and lack of coordination between health officials has prompted citizens to ask the most dreaded question. Is Solapur losing the battle against coronavirus?

The health department of Solapur city and district has failed miserably in curbing the spread of coronavirus in their jurisdiction. Whatever measures taken to control this pandemic have rested on the shoulders of Solapur City Police Commissioner Ankush Shinde and Superintendent of Police Manoj Patil.

The public health system of Solapur has collapsed and there is a lack of coordination between health department officials. Many objections regarding the government hospital dean Dr Sanjeev Thakur have been raised. State Health Minister Rajesh Tope took a review of the situation recently and has ordered him to rectify the mistakes.

The total number of tests conducted in Solapur city is 11,472 out of which 9,331 persons have tested negative. The number of persons tested positive in Solapur city and district is 2,453 and 927 cases are still active. So far 253 deaths have been reported in this region.

The civil hospital has a total 764-bed capacity. Out of these 120 beds are reserved for Covid-19 patients. But instead of filing up these beds, the dean of this hospital is referring COVID-patients to private hospitals. Allegations of mishandling of the situation and suffering of patients at the hands of private hospitals were made in front of Minister Tope.

In another incident, Dr Thakur said that there are 290 non-COVID patients in the civil hospital but claimed in front of Minister Tope that non-COVID patients are not coming and after the lockdown relaxations they might start coming.

During a press conference, even Minister Tope could not answer satisfactorily regarding the measures taken to control Covid-19 cases in Solapur. During the press briefing itself, Tope gave instructions to Municipal Commissioner, District Collector and Dean Dr Thakur to take immediate steps.


  • Increase quarantine capacity
  • Increase testing capacity
  • Reduce mortality rate
  • Increase COVID Care Centre in District and City
  • Suspend licenses of hospitals who are overcharging patients
  • Conduct audit for mortality rate
  • Conduct antibody tests for hospital staff
  • Patients so far – 2,453
  • Active patients - 927

Deaths - 253

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