Nature’s ‘Glow’ry: Discovering The Firefly Festivals of Maharashtra

A ‘once in a lifetime’ experience, the firefly festival of Maharashtra is the perfect, fantasy-like escape from routine.
Nature’s ‘Glow’ry: Discovering The Firefly Festivals of Maharashtra
Nature’s ‘Glow’ry: Discovering The Firefly Festivals of Maharashtra Image Credit: The Bridge Chronicle

Breaks from daily life circles are a must for all. A refreshing escapade from the routine promises an all-round rejuvenation required to restore one’s spirits. And if you are in Maharashtra, your ‘break from mundane’ options has a fantasy-like experience awaiting you! The Firefly Festival of Maharashtra offers beautiful scenries and a chance for one to connect with nature’s ‘glow’ry! 

About the festival

The Firefly Festival of Maharashtra brings multitude of experiences, becoming a unique and perfect way to pause and connect with nature. In the pre-monsoon period, fireflies can  be spotted in huge numbers in several spots. The spots are usually in the countryside, away from the towns and cities. Lower levels of pollution combined with pre-monsoon season increases the clarity of spotting fireflies in these areas. This season is also the mating season of fireflies, and the glow they use to charm their mates becomes clear for watching. 

One can take nature treks in groups, enjoying the bounty of nature and socialising on the way. Once the group reaches the firefly spotting areas, one can enjoy camping under the starlit sky along with the fireflies’ splendour. The best time to experience this festival is in the month of May and June. 

Popular spots in Maharashtra

The state offers varied spots for one to experience the magical views of fireflies. Usually the locations are in the darker spots by the lake or river, with many offering the Sahayadri ranges as a backdrop. Encircled by wilderness, the location becomes a perfect camping site. Several local trek groups offer guided packages that can be availed for camping and firefly spotting experiences. Other activities like bonfire and hiking also add charm to this beautiful experience.

Maharashtra has a multitude of locations one can choose from to experience the firefly festival. Rajmachi Trek in Lonavla is a popular area for spotting fireflies. One can also enjoy hiking to Rajmachi Fort and stay in Udhewadi village at the base. Similar experience can be enjoyed in Kothligad, Karjat as it also has hiking options to the Peth Fort caves along with firefly watching. Sandhan Valley and Karjat are offbeat and secluded locations, adding unique touch to the overall experience. For an easier trek, Igatpuri is a perfect spot to visit with families. 

Some other famous spots include Naneghat, Purushwadi, Bhandardara Dam, Ghatghar Dam and Prabhalmachi. These spots are usually 2 to 5 hours away from major cities like Mumbai and Pune. 

A checklist for the festival

In order to ensure a wholesome experience at the firefly festival, there are several points one must remember. As the event involves trekking and physical effort, ensure that you are ready for the same physically. Equipping oneself with essentials like basic medication and a comfortable attire is advisable. Availing trek packages and local guides can enhance one’s experience with the expertise of the team.

If you wish to click pictures of the glowy bugs, good quality cameras are a must. Low shutter speed and light iso can help in capturing the perfect picture of fireflies. Avoid using headlights and torches in the spotting zones to clearly watch the fireflies. Patience and silence not only ensure a good watching experience for everyone at the spot, but also helps you experience the magical moment at its best. 

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