Maharashtra caps number of guests and time limit for wedding, Twitter can’t keep calm

The Maharashtra government on Wednesday put lockdown like restrictions on wedding ceremony
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Pune: Twitter was flooded after the Maharashtra government on Wednesday put lockdown like restrictions on wedding ceremony.

According to the new set of rules issued by Maharashtra government, marriage ceremonies can be held only as a single event in one hall, not extending beyond two hours, with a maximum of 25 persons. Families that flout these restrictions will be fined Rs 50,000 and any venue that is misused or if its authorities do not adhere to the restrictions, it will be closed till promulgation of COVID-19 as a disaster remains in force. This is how Twitter reacted:

The summer wedding season is upon us but the second wave of novel coronavirus has cast a shadow over celebrations this year too. The resurgence of COVID-19 cases, coupled with uncertainty over new directives every other month, has compelled many couples to postpone their weddings

On Wednesday, Maharashtra recorded 67,468 new COVID-19 cases and 568 deaths, taking its total infections to 40,27,827, and the death toll to 61,911.

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Maharashtra COVID curbs: Government offices to function at 15 per cent capacity


With 23 per cent of couples going ahead only with the ceremonies amid COVID-19, marriage reception cancellations in India is higher compared to other nations, according to a survey of to-be-weds in 15 countries.

The report by wedding technology company The Knot Worldwide revealed that wedding ceremony cancellations in India will remain low with 76 per cent of couples going ahead with the chosen dates.

But most couples will reduce the size of their guest lists (68 per cent) and hire less vendors (60 per cent) to ensure that COVID-19 norms are followed. Abiding by local rules and regulations, a vast majority of to-be-weds (80 per cent) will encourage social distancing -- between people and tables, stated the survey. Guests will be provided with hand sanitisers, face masks, and members of the staff and vendors such as photographers and makeup artists will be required to wear masks or PPE kits.

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