Mumbai-based startup develops COVID-19 telemedicine screening, testing solution keeping social distancing in mind

Mumbai-based startup develops COVID-19 telemedicine screening, testing solution keeping social distancing in mind

MUMBAI: As India grapples with a rising number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, a Mumbai-based startup ‘Transpact Enterprises’ has developed a telemedicine solution, and mobile app that it hopes can help manage the spread of the pandemic. 

The COVID-19 Online Screening and Evaluation Telemedicine Services (COSETS) will allow monitoring and engaging with patients remotely in their homes by use of a computer or smartphone. 

It facilitates a line of communication between quarantined people and health care services and helps maintain visibility of those recently discharged. 

The mobile application uses questionnaire-based classification suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) for suspected COVID-19 patients, it will allow users to do the initial screening remotely without needing them to travel to primary healthcare, thereby maintaining social distancing. 

The data captured through the mobile application is stored on a common cloud repository accessible by telemedicine the system at primary as well as secondary healthcare distributing the diagnosis workload. 

The app captures authenticated information and grid location. The company expects the platform will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) over time to allow providers to identify patients at risk of deterioration and optimize their care. 

Aslam Khan, Founder and Managing Director of Octaware Technologies, said, “In India, COVID-19 test and treatment cases are assigned to designated public and private hospitals and diagnostic centres. Our primary objective is to help public health authorities at the national, regional and community levels by identifying who is most vulnerable.” 

Helping the government plan containment strategies

He added that the solution could help the government plan containment strategies and prepare necessary resources to tackle any emergent the situation on a war footing. 

“We have developed the complete architecture and prototype of a mobile app and telemedicine for COVID-19. The solution is the design of a telemedicine system integrated with a personal assistant mobile application to manage the possible spread of the pandemic. Our company’s solution integrates the personal assistance mobile app with the telemedicine system into a centralized data storage on the cloud. The other apps just allow you to self-test with no provision for storing or pooling that data. Whereas, our application allows data to be collected and stored on the cloud that can be accessed by health professionals for further analysis and treatment,” said Khan.

The company is taking the service of Dr Suleman Merchant, former dean of SIO Municipality Hospital and Dr Zahoor Patanker from KEM Hospital.

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