Police raid godown in Pune, seize counterfeit HP toners

Police raid godown in Pune, seize counterfeit HP toners

Mumbai: The Vishrambaug police along with the team of Enforcers of Intellectual Property Rights (EIPR) conducted a raid on godown at Narayan Peth area of Pune and seized a huge number of fake Hewlett Packard finished toners, that were to be sold in the market through online marketing sites.

The Vishrambaug police have arrested accused Ramesh Gami and registered a case under Copyright Act 1957.

When the police raided the godown, they found packaging material of Amazon and other online shopping sites. There were other materials found in the godown, which were being sold by this re-seller in such a large volume The police found counterfeit HP toners that were to be sent to the Amazon warehouse and also to Amazon customers. The products were being shipped under the name ‘Everest IT Solutions’.

A number of fake HP toners were to be delivered to the shops too who have been selling the products on the online portals. The police also found that these accused were registered on Indiamart.com and Government e-market. (GeM).

The accused Ramesh Gami (27) runs a footwear godown and is the owner of Maratha Office Automation.

He claims to get the products from Mumbai and sell it to various retail shops. What has come as a shock is that number of online shopping portals had their sale for last few days and number of products have been sold by the accused too on a large scale from his godown.

When police officers Appassaheb Shevale, Mahendra Patil and staff of Vishrambag police station raided the godown on Monday, they found 465 fake HP toners to be sold to various shops and consumers, along with a number of packaging material of Amazon and other shopping portals.

The Vishrambaug police have arrested the accused under section 51 and 63 of Copyright Act, 1957 under the complaint filed by Gaurav Shrivastava of EIPR India Pvt Ltd.  

Zaheer Khan of EIPR said that the Amazon was unaware about it. “The accused were registered on the various sites and they sell duplicate material through the sites,” said Khan.

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