Travelling in Maharashtra? Check out the new COVID-19 travel guidelines

Maharashtra has imposed strict guidelines amid rising COVID-19 cases. Here's what you need to keep in mind while travelling around the state
Travelling in Maharashtra? Check out the new COVID-19 travel guidelines
Maharashtra has formed new set of rules for travelling (Representative image)Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Tuesday declared a curfew in the entire state for next 15 days from 8 pm on April 14 (Wednesday) to curtail the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus.

With Section 144 being enforced around Maharashtra, Thackeray stated essential services have been exempted from the restrictions. The curfew will be in place till 7 am on May 1.

Maharashtra has formed new set of rules for travelling (Representative image)
Maharashtra COVID curbs: No public transport for all, home deliveries permitted; Check out the new guidelines

During the lockdown style curfew, there are new guidelines declared by the state government. As public transport will be restricted during this period, there are some new rules for travelling around the state.

Public transport will be fully operational with following norms:


Driver plus two passengers only


Driver plus 50 per cent vehicle capacity as per RTO.


· Full seating occupancy as per RTO rule. However, no standing passengers will be permitted.

· All people using public transport to mandatorily wear mask barring which fine of Rs 500 will be imposed on those flouting.

· In four-wheeler taxis, if any one person is not wearing mask, the offender and the driver of the taxi will be fined an amount of Rs 500 each.

All vehicles to be sanitised after every trip.

· Drivers and other staff of all public transport coming into contact with the public to get inoculated at the· earliest and must display exemplary COVID-appropriate behaviour.

· For taxis and autos, driver should be encouraged to isolate himself or herself through use of a plastic sheet or otherwise.

· In the case of out-station trains, railway authorities to ensure that there are no standing passengers in the general compartment. Masks are mandatory for all passengers.

· Fine of Rs 500 to be levied in all trains for non-compliance with COVID-appropriate behaviour.

· Persons arriving or departing by any bus, train, flight from or towards place of residence may travel on basis of a valid ticket through public transport.

Addressing the state via a live video broadcast on Facebook, CM Uddhav Thackeray said the state government is continuously developing its healthcare infrastructure but the health facilities are 'under immense pressure' due to the prevailing conditions of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra on Tuesday reported 60,212 new COVID-19 cases. This was the second incident in the three days when the state reported over 60,000 cases.

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