Monsoon News: Average rainfall in Maharashtra; 52% sowing area covered

Maharashtra state received an average of 187 mm of rainfall by Friday (June 27), which is 101 per cent of the average, amounting to 189 mm.
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Pune: The monsoon has reached average levels across the state, with sowing activities reaching 52% of the average by Thursday (June 27). Due to substantial rainfall in the Latur division, sowing has progressed rapidly. However, in the Konkan region, sowing activities have been delayed due to insufficient rainfall, but are expected to pick up pace from next week.

According to the Agriculture Department, the state had received an average of 187 mm of rainfall by Friday (June 27), which is 101% of the average, amounting to 189 mm.

In the Konkan division, the average rainfall is 596.3 mm, but only 84.2% of this, or 501.9 mm, has been received. The Nashik division received 141.7 mm of rainfall, which is 112.7% of the average 125.7 mm.

Pune division saw 195.4 mm of rainfall, 109.3% of the average 178.7 mm. In Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, rainfall reached 172.4 mm, 143% of the average 120.6 mm.

Amravati division recorded 136 mm of rainfall, 102.4% of the average 132.8 mm. Nagpur division saw 189.4 mm of rainfall, 101.4% of the average 186.8 mm.

By Friday (June 27), 51.99% of the state's average sowing area had been covered. The state's average sowing area is 14,202,318 hectares, with sowing completed on 7,383,440 hectares.

Divisionwise, Nagpur saw 27.10% sowing, Amravati 45.28%, Latur 65.35%, Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar 79.43%, Kolhapur 47.38%, Pune 67.29%, Nashik 43.02%, and Konkan 3.81%. Latur leads in sowing progress, while Konkan has the least progress.

Except for Konkan, sowing has gained momentum across the state. Marathwada has received good rainfall, leading to the highest sowing activity in the region.

Konkan division is expected to reach average rainfall levels this week, with paddy sowing expected to speed up from next week. The state has sufficient availability of seeds and fertilizers, says Vinaykumar Awate, Director of Extension and Training.

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