Monsoon Travel Tips: Lonavala police issue advisory for tourists

Lonavala police have urged tourists visiting Lonavala and Khandala regions to avoid unfamiliar areas and not endanger their lives or of their families.
Bhushi Dam - File Photo
Bhushi Dam - File Photo

Pune: A day meant for family leisure turned tragic for a family from Syed Nagar, Hadapsar, as five of its members drowned while visiting Lonavala.

Salman Ansari, a Maulana at a mosque in Hadapsar, had gathered with relatives for a wedding ceremony on Thursday (June 27). With Sunday being a holiday, the family decided to visit Lonavala for a day trip. Arriving in the morning, they ventured into the water to enjoy the day.

Initially, the water levels were low, but they quickly rose, catching the family off guard. Despite holding onto each other and attempting to seek help, the strong current overpowered them, and they were swept away. Onlookers attempted to save them by throwing tree branches, but sadly, their efforts were in vain.

Following this incident, Lonavala police have now issued an advisory for tourists. Senior Police Inspector Suhas Jagtap of Lonavala Police Station has urged tourists visiting the Lonavala and Khandala regions to avoid unfamiliar areas and not endanger their lives or the lives of their families.

He emphasized the importance of cooperating with the police, especially in areas like Bhushi Dam, Ghubad Lake, Tata Dam, Tungarli Dam, and Rajmachi Point.

The hills behind Bhushi Dam are home to several waterfalls whose waters flow directly into the dam’s reservoir. The dam itself overflowed today, attracting a large number of tourists due to it being a Sunday.

Many tourists were seen engaging in unruly behavior at the dam, highlighting the need for caution and cooperation with authorities to prevent such tragic incidents.

Safety Precautions for Tourists

  • Tourists are advised to take the following precautions to ensure their safety:

  • Gather information or take a knowledgeable guide when visiting unfamiliar places.

  • Carry first aid supplies.

  • Plan treks according to weather forecasts.

  • Avoid entering water bodies.

  • Refrain from alcohol consumption.

  • Keep contact numbers of rescue teams, police, and locals.

  • Exercise caution in foggy conditions.

  • Walk carefully on slippery areas and stairs.

  • Avoid taking photos or selfies in risky areas.

  • Refrain from unruly behavior, stunts, or excessive enthusiasm.

Important Reminders for Tourists

  • Incidents of drowning are increasing, with youths often falling victim due to recklessness.

  • Extra caution is needed during monsoon tourism.

  • Accidents can occur due to human errors or natural disasters if proper care is not taken.

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