Nagpur-Pune Flight: 40-Minute Journey Turns into 2-Hour Ordeal at Pune Airport

Nagpur-Pune Indigo flight (6E835) took off at 11:20 PM and landed at Pune Airport around midnight. Passengers waited for an hour for deboarding.
Image for representational purpose
Image for representational purpose

Pune: Passengers flying from Nagpur to Pune had a quick 40-minute flight, but their ordeal began upon landing as it took them two hours to exit Pune Airport. Due to delayed parking bay availability and congestion at the AeroMall, passengers faced significant inconvenience late Saturday (July 6) night.

The Nagpur-Pune Indigo flight (6E835) took off at 11:20 PM and landed at Pune Airport around midnight. However, the lack of an available parking bay forced the plane and its passengers to wait for an hour. It wasn’t until 1:00 AM that a parking bay became available, allowing passengers to disembark. The situation inside the AeroMall was no better, with long queues and congestion.

Many passengers waited for cabs, while others struggled to navigate through the crowded mall. It took passengers another hour to exit the AeroMall. Although this incident occurred on Saturday night, such scenes are common at Pune Airport. Many have expressed their frustration on social media platform X regarding the airport's management.

The Airports Authority of India spent around ₹120 crore to construct the multi-level car parking (AeroMall) with a capacity for 1,000 four-wheelers. However, passengers have faced various issues in recent days. After exiting the terminal, passengers arrive at the second floor of the AeroMall via a pedestrian bridge, where cabs are available.

Unfortunately, the cab service is inefficient, with long wait times, especially for those with luggage and children. The congestion is due to a single exit route for cabs. Both the terminal and the AeroMall lack adequate facilities, leading to widespread dissatisfaction with airport management.

Airport Management's Neglect

Despite being built for passengers, the airport management appears more focused on commercial spaces within the AeroMall. Significant revenue is generated from food and clothing stores, while the areas designated for cabs and rickshaws contribute little income.

Consequently, the essential cab service suffers from neglect. Efforts to contact Airport Director Santosh Dhoke and AeroMall Vice President V. R. Rajput for comments were unsuccessful.

Problems with AeroMall:

  • Cab service is limited to one floor, causing congestion.

  • Passengers wait 20-30 minutes after booking a cab.

  • Only seating for 8-10 passengers is available, leaving others to stand.

  • Delays in cab availability lead to crowding.

  • Many cab drivers refuse short-distance bookings.

  • Combined rickshaw and cab areas exacerbate traffic congestion.

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