Madurai beggar awarded for donating Rs 90,000 in nine instalments

Madurai beggar awarded for donating Rs 90,000 in nine instalments

Madurai: Not all the superheroes apparate from one place to another. Some heroes rescue others by giving away everything they have. Poolpandian, a beggar in Madurai donated a total of  Rs 90,000 for the Chief Minister Relief Fund in the last three months in nine instalments. District collector TG Vinay awarded him for his gallant work.

Poolpandian donated his first contribution of Rs 10,000 on May 18. The rest was donated in eight instalments of Rs 10,000 each.

Appreciating his efforts, the district collector added his name to the list of awardees on the occasion of Independence Day. But sadly he could not be tracked down since he has no permanent roof. The officials could only find him when he came in to deposit the collector's office on Monday, August 18. They took him to the collector's chamber.

Poolpandian is originally from Tuticorin. With his sons rejecting to look after him, he had chosen to beg to earn his livelihood. He was stranded in Madurai because of the lockdown enforced by the government. 

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