PM Modi slams ‘’Aandolan-jeevis’’ for hijacking farmers' protest in Lok Sabha address
Prime Minister Narendra Modi replies in Lok Sabha to the Motion of Thanks on the Presidents Address during the Budget Session of Parliament in New Delhi on Wednesday.ANI

PM Modi slams ‘’Aandolan-jeevis’’ for hijacking farmers' protest in Lok Sabha address

The Congress walked out of Lok Sabha as PM Modi explained the government's stand on the three farm laws

Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied to the Motion of Thanks on President Ram Nath Kovind's address in the Lok Sabha today amid the opposition's call to repeal the three contentious agricultural laws.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said that the central government and the Parliament have great respect for the farmers who are voicing their views on the three farm bills and that is why top most ministers have been talking to them.

"This House and the government has full respect for emotions of protesting farmers and we will continue to respect their concerns. Our Union Ministers are in the process to hold talks with farmers and are ready to clear their confusions and doubts clause-by-clause," PM Modi said.

"After the laws relating to agriculture were passed by Parliament, no 'mandi' has shut. Likewise, MSP has remained. Procurement on MSP has remained. These facts can't be ignored," he added.

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Amid the opposition sloganeering to repeal the black laws, PM Modi said those who are disrupting the House are doing so as per a well-planned strategy as they are unable to digest that people can see the truth.

The Congress walked out of Lok Sabha as PM Modi explained the government's stand on the three farm laws

Targetting the Grand Old Party, PM Modi said the Congress has taken different stands in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

"A divided and confused party like this can do no good to the country," PM Modi said.

PM Modi noted that the three farm laws were an honest effort by the government to improve the conditions of agriculture.

“Till the time we could not bring investment and new technologies to our agriculture, we will not be able to make our farming sector strong. We need to go beyond growing only wheat and paddy,” PM Modi said.

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Emphasising the role of the private sector in nation-building, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the private sector is vital for the development of the country.

“The public sector is essential but at the same time, the role of the private sector is also vital. Take any sector- telecom, pharma- we see the role of the private sector. If India can serve humanity, it is also due to the role of the private sector,” PM Modi said.

“To use improper words against the private sector may have got votes for a few people in the past but those times are gone. The culture of abusing the private sector is not acceptable any longer. We cannot keep insulting our youth like this,” he added.

Addressing the Opposition, Modi said, “there are people who talk the right things. But this same section, when it comes to doing the right things, fail to convert words into action. Those who talk big on electoral reforms oppose the One Nation One Election. They speak of gender justice but oppose Triple Talaq.”

“I consider the Kisan Andolan to be pious. But, when “Aandolanjeevis’’ hijack protests, showcase photos of those jailed for serious offenses, does it serve any purpose? Not allowing toll plazas to work, destroying telecom towers- does it serve pious protests,” he added.

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