PMC Tender Scandal: Rival politicians collaborate to favour contractors

PMC is currently under administrative rule. This situation is exploited by former corporators and party officials with strong connections in Mumbai.
PMC Headquarters at Shivajinagar, Pune
PMC Headquarters at Shivajinagar, PuneImage source: Sakal Media Group

Pune: In a surprising turn of events, members of rival political parties, who are typically staunch opponents, are now collaborating to secure multi-crore rupee tenders for favored contractors in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

Due to the ruling party's inability to openly protest against PMC officials, they are reportedly providing information to opposition members to help them launch aggressive campaigns. This has created a facade of public opposition while an under-the-table alliance operates in Pune.

Numerous tenders worth crores are being issued by various departments within the PMC. Certain contractor companies are insistent that these tenders should be awarded to them.

They are leveraging their political connections within the PMC but often fall short due to incomplete documents or failing to meet technical requirements.

Frustrated contractors then pressure political parties to adopt aggressive stances, claiming that if they don’t secure the contract, no one else should. Ruling party members, unable to protest openly, pass these issues to opposition leaders. This has led to an unusual coalition where leaders, usually critical of each other, unite for financial gains from these tenders.

Despite pressing civic issues such as potholes, inadequate water supply, cleanliness problems, and inefficiencies in regional offices, these concerns are being neglected. Instead, officials are coming together to ensure specific contractors win tenders.

With the municipal elections yet to be held, PMC is currently under administrative rule, and decisions are made by officials. This situation has been exploited by former corporators and party officials with strong connections in Mumbai. They are using this period as a golden opportunity to manipulate officials into approving favorable projects.

Without corporators, there are no discussions in the standing committee or the General Body (GB) meeting about these potentially dubious decisions. Thus, officials can quietly approve multi-crore projects.

Activities of Influential Officials

  • Using influence in Mumbai to bring state government officials to PMC on deputation.

  • Engaging in financial transactions worth lakhs of rupees for such transfers.

  • Altering tender conditions to ensure favored contractors secure contracts.

  • Applying pressure on PMC officials through prominent state leaders, facilitating discussions over the phone.

  • Conducting protests at officials’ offices and homes under the guise of addressing citizens' issues, but actually applying pressure to secure tenders.

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