PMC to conduct citywide survey to grant property tax concession

PMC implemented 40% concession for single property owners since 1970. In 2019, state government discontinued concession and mandated 100% tax assessment
PMC to conduct citywide survey to grant property tax concession

Pune: In response to numerous property owners receiving higher bills due to the absence of a 40 per cent concession, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to independently survey all properties in the city. This move aims to provide an opportunity for eligible residents to benefit from the concession. The survey will cover 372,000 properties by August 15, with survey teams collecting 'PT-3' application forms from residents.

The PMC had originally implemented a 40% concession for single property owners since 1970. However, in 2019, the state government discontinued this concession and mandated a 100% tax assessment.

Initially, properties with two units had their concessions revoked, and newly registered properties from 2019 onward were fully taxed. This change also affected properties in villages included in 2021, resulting in substantial tax increases.

Following citizen complaints, the state government reinstated the 40% concession last year, but many property owners missed out due to implementation issues.

To address this, the PMC will now survey properties that did not receive the concession. The initiative began with properties in the Sinhagad Road regional office area, which have since been granted the 40% concession. The survey will now extend to the entire city.

According to the PMC’s findings:

  • The 2018 GIS survey revoked the 40% concession for 96,122 properties from April 1, 2018.

  • Properties built after April 1, 2019, totaling 198,296, did not receive the 40% concession.

  • Newly included 23 villages have 168,771 properties that did not get the concession.

  • Out of 463,189 properties citywide, 90,749 owners have submitted 'PT-3' applications for the concession.

  • There are still 372,440 property owners who have not applied, prompting the PMC to conduct a door-to-door survey.

The PMC will identify properties that did not receive the 40% concession. A list of these citizens will also be published on the municipal corporation's website. The survey started on June 18 and will continue until August 15, with 'PT-3' application forms collected during house visits.

Madhav Jagtap, Deputy Commissioner, Property Tax Department, PMC

To qualify for the concession, residents need to provide proof of residence, such as a gas connection, Aadhaar card, voter ID, passport, vehicle license, or society’s no-objection certificate. These documents can be submitted to the survey staff or at the municipal corporation’s citizen service centers.

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