Pune Airport New Terminal set to open soon

The new terminal building was not operational due to delays in obtaining regulatory approval from the BCAS and a shortage of security personnel.
Lohegaon Pune Airport new terminal
Lohegaon Pune Airport new terminalThe Bridge Chronicle

Pune: The new terminal at Pune International Airport is on the verge of opening, with necessary security personnel from the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) now approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Murlidhar Mohol, recently secured this approval following discussions with Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

Constructed to meet the increasing demand for flights, the new terminal had been inaugurated months ago but remained non-operational due to a shortage of CISF personnel.

Upon assuming his ministerial role, Mohol prioritized this issue, engaging in follow-ups and meetings, including one with Amit Shah. These efforts have culminated in the approval of 222 new CISF positions, bringing the total personnel count for Pune airport to 715.

Minister Mohol expressed his satisfaction, stating, “We have successfully secured the necessary approvals to operationalize the new terminal at the earliest. The additional CISF manpower removes any remaining hurdles, and we are now focused on opening the terminal as soon as possible.”

Rapid Progress at Pune Airport

The new terminal building, inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in March 2024, was not operational due to delays in obtaining regulatory approval from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) and a shortage of security personnel to guard the expanded terminal. Since taking charge, Minister Mohol has made significant strides in resolving key issues at Pune airport.

Within two weeks, he facilitated a feasibility survey for runway extension and relocated parked aircraft to defense spaces, following meetings with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. With the new terminal now set to open, these critical developments highlight Mohol’s commitment to enhancing Pune airport’s infrastructure and services.

Mohol had also recently stated that the Director General of Civil Aviation has approved the Purandar site in May 2024. The site had already received clearance from the Ministry of Defence. With nearly 99 percent of technical issues resolved, land acquisition for the new airport project at Purandar is now set to begin.

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