Pune Airport sees growing domestic cargo traffic but awaits import services

Export services also recently begun, with goods being shipped to Singapore and Dubai. Regular shipments of auto parts are sent to Singapore.
Pune Airport
Pune AirportImage Source: @aaipunairport

Pune: Despite the positive response to domestic cargo services at Pune Airport, the import cargo service has yet to commence. The airport administration has completed all preparations to launch this service, including setting up a strong room and facilities for handling dangerous goods (DG). Two companies have already inquired about the import services, but the service has not started due to a lack of participation from the trade sector.

The airport administration has been focusing on cargo transport, and domestic cargo has seen good growth in recent days. Export services have also recently begun, with goods being shipped to Singapore and Dubai. Regular shipments of auto parts are sent to Singapore, and recently, bakarwadi was also exported. So far, approximately 12 tons of goods have been exported to Singapore from Pune. Two days ago, services to Dubai also commenced, with auto parts being shipped.

Essential facilities provided at Pune Airport

  • Strong Room: Required for storing items valued over $1,000. The airport’s cargo terminal has a strong room for secure storage of gold, silver, and other valuable items.

  • Cold Storage: Available for safe transport of perishable goods.

  • Dangerous Goods Facility: Dedicated facility for storing hazardous materials, including explosives and flammable items.

Benefits of Import and Export Services

  • Boosts business growth for small and large entrepreneurs

  • Ensures timely availability of goods

  • Saves money

  • Offers lower prices for goods compared to other cities

Pune started its cargo transport service before international passenger services. The first international cargo flight took off on April 14, 2005. The first international passenger flight to Dubai took off on December 12, 2005, followed by a flight to Singapore on December 13, 2005.

While export services have begun from Pune Airport, the import service has not started due to insufficient response. All necessary facilities are available at the cargo terminal to support this service, but inquiries are still ongoing.

Pradeep Kumar, Deputy General Manager, Cargo Terminal, Pune Airport

“The airport administration should prioritize using freighter planes for cargo transport instead of relying solely on passenger planes. Efforts are needed to discuss with entrepreneurs to boost import and export activities.” - Dhairyasheel Vandekar, Air Transport Expert

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