Pune: Electrocution claims lives of three family members in Dapodi

The Bhalekar family, originally from North Solapur, had been living in the Dapodi-Kedgaon area and is survived by their daughter and another son.
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Pune: In a heart-wrenching incident on June 17, three members of the a family tragically lost their lives due to electrocution.

The deceased have been identified as Surendra Devidas Bhalekar (45), Aadika Sunil Bhalekar (40), and their son Parshuram Sunil Bhalekar (17), all residents of Dapodi.

The incident occurred when Sunil Bhalekar received an electric shock while hanging a towel to dry outside their home. His wife, Adika, was electrocuted while attempting to rescue him.

Their son, Parshuram, also received a fatal shock while trying to save his parents. The couple’s daughter was away attending a tuition class at the time, thereby escaping the tragic accident.

The Bhalekar family, originally from North Solapur, had been living in the Dapodi-Kedgaon area, where Sunil worked in the construction industry. The electrocution was traced to a live wire that had come into contact with a metal sheet on their property. Over time, the wire's insulation had worn away due to wind, allowing electric current to flow through the clothesline.

Authorities from the electricity department and local police conducted a thorough investigation at the scene. The incident highlights the crucial need for proper electrical maintenance and safety measures to prevent such devastating accidents.

The Bhalekar family is survived by their daughter, who was not present at the time of the incident, and another son who was at their native place. This tragic event has cast a pall of grief over the community, prompting an outpouring of condolences and support for the bereaved family.

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