Pune-Nashik Highway: Project gains momentum as tender process begins

Pune-Nashik highway project is estimated to cost around ₹8,400 crore, while Talegaon-Chakan-Shikrapur road project is estimated at ₹8,000 crore.
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Representative Image

Pune: The tender process for the Pune-Nashik National Highway has commenced, along with the tender process for the Talegaon-Chakan-Shikrapur road project. The files for funding approval have been sent to the Prime Minister Office (PMO).

The Pune-Nashik highway project is estimated to cost around ₹8,400 crore, while the Talegaon-Chakan-Shikrapur road project is estimated at ₹8,000 crore. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari expressed confidence that the Pune-Nashik highway project would soon be underway.

Dilip Medage, the coordinator for the Pune-Nashik highway, met with Gadkari at his residence in Delhi to discuss the pending highway work. The Pune-Nashik National Highway project near Chakan (Khed Taluka) has been delayed for several years, causing traffic congestion and difficulties for residents, entrepreneurs, and workers.

There are also concerns about some companies in the industrial area potentially relocating. Medage emphasized the urgent need to expedite the highway project, to which Gadkari assured that the work would commence soon.

Additionally, Gadkari mentioned that the remaining work on the bypasses for Khed, Manchar, Narayangaon, and Alephata would also receive approval shortly.

The meeting was attended by several notable figures, including Yuvraj Bankhele, Chairman of Lala Urban Bank, Jitendra Gunjal, Gandhar Rahane, Kiran Dhokane, Ganesh Dhakipale, Ashok Khandge, and Vikas Darekar. Medage also took the opportunity to honor Gadkari for assuming office as a minister for the third consecutive term.

The Pune-Nashik highway, a crucial transportation artery in Maharashtra, experiences heavy traffic volumes, serving as a vital lifeline for commuters and cargo movement between the two cities.

Recently, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar had annoucned to halt the Pune-Nashik Expressway which was planned as a six-lane, access-controlled highway designed to improve transportation efficiency between these major cities. Beginning at the Pune Outer Ring Road, the expressway would seamlessly integrate with existing road infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition for commuters. The route will extend to Shirdi, enhancing accessibility and significantly reducing travel times for travelers.

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