Pune Porsche Case: Juvenile has to write essay despite bail from High Court

Despite his release, juvenile must comply with the conditions set by the JJB while granting his bail. This includes writing a 300-word essay.
Pune Porsche Case: Juvenile has to write essay despite bail from High Court

Pune: Following the orders of the High Court, the minor responsible for a fatal accident involving a luxury Porsche car was released on Tuesday night, June 25. Despite his release, he must comply with the conditions set by the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) when initially granting his bail. This includes writing an essay on the accident.

The incident occurred on the night of May 18 in Kalyaninagar, where a speeding car driven by the minor resulted in the deaths of a young man and woman. The minor was subsequently taken into custody and presented before the JJB. He was granted bail on a bond of ₹7,500 a few hours later.

As part of the bail conditions, the minor was required to write a 300-word essay on "The Consequences of Road Accidents and Their Solutions," study traffic rules at the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO), give a presentation on them, and assist RTO officers in traffic regulation duties.

Following public outrage over the perceived leniency, the police filed a revision petition to amend the bail conditions. On May 22, the JJB ordered the minor to be sent to a juvenile detention center for his safety. His stay was extended twice, on June 5 and June 12, citing the need for his security and rehabilitation.

High Court Intervention

The minor's aunt filed a habeas corpus petition in the High Court against the order sending him back to the detention center after bail had been granted.

Justices Bharati Dangre and Manjusha Deshpande upheld the JJB's initial bail order from May 19, annulled subsequent orders, and ordered the minor's release from the observation home.

The court also mandated that the minor continue receiving counseling and treatment at a de-addiction center. The responsibility for ensuring the minor complies with these rehabilitation measures lies with his aunt.

Errors in Bail Procedure

A committee appointed to investigate the bail procedure found multiple errors by JJB members. The report highlighted that the initial bail order, issued by one member and later ratified by another the following day, violated established protocols.

Bail Conditions Included:

  • Writing a 300-word essay on the accident.

  • Assisting Yerawada Police in traffic regulation for 15 days.

  • Appearing before the JJB when summoned.

  • Parents ensuring the minor avoids bad company.

  • Counseling at Muktangan De-addiction Center.

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