Pune Rains: Increased Rainfall Boosts Dam Water Levels

Khadakwasla Dam has 0.95 TMC, Panshet 2.81 TMC, Varasgaon 1.66 TMC, Temghar 0.44 TMC of water, which is sufficient to meet Pune's needs for 4 months.
Pune Rains: Increased Rainfall Boosts Dam Water Levels

Pune: Recent rains in the Ghat regions have significantly increased water inflow into the Khadakwasla Cluster (Temghar, Varasgaon, Panshet and Khadakwasla dams) catchment area. As a result, the dam chain's water storage has increased by 0.75 TMC in just two days, bringing the total to 5.87 TMC.

The latest IMD-GFS forecast predicts moderate rain spells for Pune city on July 7, 8, and 9, with heavy rains expected in the Pune Ghat regions during the same period. This will further increase water levels in the dams and lakes, with no break in the monsoon anticipated until at least July 21.

The rainfall has intensified particularly at night, enhancing the inflow into the dams. According to the Water Resources Department, as of Thursday (July 4) evening, the Khadakwasla Cluster project had a water storage of 4.99 TMC, which rose to 5.65 TMC by Saturday (July 6) morning and further to 5.87 TMC by evening.

This water is sufficient to meet the city's needs for four months. Currently, Khadakwasla Dam has 0.95 TMC, Panshet 2.81 TMC, Varasgaon 1.66 TMC, and Temghar 0.44 TMC of water.

Temghar received the most rainfall among the four dams. While June saw minimal rain, July recorded substantial rainfall, especially in Temghar's catchment area.

The Indian Meteorological Department predicts continued heavy rains in the coming days, providing much-needed relief to Pune residents. Khadakwasla's catchment area received the least rain, but significant inflow from the Mose basin has increased Panshet's water storage.

Rainfall in Dams:

  • Khadakwasla:

    June - 140 mm

    July 1-6 - 24 mm

  • Panshet:

    June - 205 mm

    July 1-6 - 247 mm

  • Varasgaon:

    June - 210 mm

    July 1-6 - 244 mm

  • Temghar:

    June - 346 mm

    July 1-6 - 452 mm

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