Pune RTO WhatsApp Helpline for auto, cabs, and private bus complaints

The WhatsApp helpline number for Complaints: 8275330101 has been launched to swiftly resolve passenger complaints, says Archana Gaikwad, Pune RTO
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Pune: Complaints from passengers about rickshaws, cabs, or private buses refusing fares or charging excessive amounts will now be resolved quickly. Due to an increase in passenger complaints, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) has taken action by introducing a WhatsApp helpline number. Passengers can now directly lodge complaints via WhatsApp, and the RTO will take prompt action.

Passengers often complain about rickshaw drivers refusing fares in the city. Additionally, many rickshaw drivers refuse short-distance fares or demand more than the meter fare.

Some drivers quote exorbitant amounts instead of using the meter, thus exploiting passengers. Similar complaints are also lodged against cab drivers and private bus operators. In recent days, such complaints have increased. However, the main issue for passengers is how to file these complaints.

For a long time, those with grievances against auto drivers could only lodge complaints with the RTO via email or by sending a letter. Visiting the RTO to submit a written complaint is time-consuming. As a result, RTO officials noted that the number of complaints received was relatively low.

To address this, the RTO has launched a WhatsApp helpline number 8275330101, making it easier for passengers to file complaints. Once a complaint is lodged on this number, RTO officials will verify the complaint.

If the complaint is found valid, immediate action will be taken against the offending driver. This WhatsApp helpline will expedite the process of taking action against rule violators.

With the launch of the new WhatsApp helpline, the RTO anticipates a significant increase in the volume of complaints. "Manpower is our biggest challenge," an RTO official stated. "We operate with four or five ground teams and expect the number of complaints to be in the hundreds. Commuters will need to provide pictures of the autorickshaw and its registration number. We understand that providing proof is not always possible. Both parties will be called, and we will listen to their versions before making a decision."

WhatsApp Helpline Number for Complaints: 8275330101

"Passengers often complain about fare refusals or overcharging. The WhatsApp helpline number has been launched to swiftly resolve passenger complaints." - Archana Gaikwad, Regional Transport Officer

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