Pune Women Investors Aum Grows 3.6x in Five Years, Reveals Axis Mutual Fund Study

Number of women investors have grown 2.9x in Pune. The study also reveals 72 per cent of women investors are making independent investment decisions.
Pune Women Investors Aum Grows 3.6x in Five Years, Reveals Axis Mutual Fund Study

Pune: Axis Mutual Fund analyzed data from over 1 crore existing Axis MF customers and conducted a nationwide survey, to unveil an interesting study titled “Women Investment Behaviors Report 2024”.

In the last five years (31st Mar 2019 to 31st Dec 2023), women investors have grown 2.9x in Pune. In the same time period, the AUM of women investors has grown 3.6x in Pune. The state of Maharashtra has witnessed a 3.5x growth in AUM of women investors in the same time frame.

The findings of the study indicate that nearly 72 per cent of women investors now make independent investment decisions. The report further highlights the proactive approach undertaken by women investors to achieve financial autonomy and growth, underscoring their commitment to long-term investing.

B Gopkumar, MD&CEO, Axis AMC asserted, “The mutual fund industry is undergoing a dynamic shift as more people, particularly women, embrace investing in mutual funds as part of their financial strategy. Our research into the investment patterns of Axis MF investors reveal that women constitute 30 per cent of Axis Mutual Fund customer base and hold 35 per cent of the total AUM."

"Understanding the evolving investor landscape, especially regarding women's preferences, is crucial for continued growth and our report aims to shed light on this aspect. By analyzing their distinct needs and investment behaviors, Axis AMC aims to refine our offerings to empower their financial journeys. This is fueled by innovative digital tools and comprehensive education programs,” he added.

Ashish Gupta, CIO, Axis AMC further added that, “Women participation in the investor base is rapidly rising with demonstrably high independence and increasing sophistication. They have a data-driven approach and have quickly adopted digital tools for their investing. Their focus on long term goals and consistency is driving impressive investment outcomes for them. The fact that our 22 lakh women investors have made an average gain of over ₹80,000 speaks volumes about their growing financial acumen."

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