Pune Zika Outbreak: 41 Pregnant Women Samples Sent to NIV for Testing

14 from Erandwane, 18 from Mundhwa and 9 pregnant women's samples from Dahanukar Colony have been sent to NIV for testing.
Pune Zika Outbreak: 41 Pregnant Women Samples Sent to NIV for Testing

Pune: Amid the recent Zika outbreak, the municipal corporation has intensified its efforts to screen pregnant women, as they are at the highest risk.

So far, seven Zika cases have been reported in the city, specifically in the Erandwane, Mundhwa, and Dahanukar Colony areas. Consequently, blood samples from 41 pregnant women in these areas have been sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) for testing.

The health department has initiated comprehensive screenings for pregnant women in the affected areas. In Erandwane, 14 out of 72 pregnant women have had their samples sent to NIV.

Similarly, in Mundhwa, 18 out of 60 pregnant women's samples and in Dahanukar Colony, 9 out of 351 pregnant women's samples have been sent for testing.

Overall, 64 samples, including those from pregnant women, have been dispatched to NIV. The health department has received test results for approximately 25 individuals, with around 40 results still pending.

Delays in receiving reports are attributed to the high volume of samples processed at NIV from across the nation, according to health department sources.

A 45-year-old woman from Dahanukar Colony had tested positive for the Zika virus, showing mild symptoms. Previously, four cases were detected in the Erandwane area and two in the Mundhwa area. The discovery in Dahanukar Colony marked the seventh case in the city, comprising five women and two men.

₹66000 Fine for Breeding Sites

The municipal corporation is also addressing the rise in vector-borne diseases due to the monsoon. A citywide survey conducted by the health department found mosquito larvae in 246 homes.

Notices were issued to 82 individuals, resulting in fines totaling ₹66800, as reported by Assistant Health Officer Dr. Rajesh Dighe.

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