Pune's Metro mesmerizes Warkaris on their way to Pandharpur

The devotional songs and chants of Warkaris resonated through the Pune Metro, filling the air with the holy names of Lord Vitthal.
Pune's Metro mesmerizes Warkaris on their way to Pandharpur

Pune: Donning white clothes, sporting traditional marks on their foreheads, and carrying saffron flags, the pilgrims headed towards Pandharpur were captivated by Pune's Metro system.

The elevators, escalators, ticket counters, and automatically opening doors at the Metro station fascinated the pilgrims. In awe of their surroundings, they stepped into the cool confines of the Metro, savoring the modern travel experience.

Their devotional songs and chants resonated through the Metro, filling the air with the holy names of Lord Vitthal. The Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi (palanquin) processions arrived in Pune on Sunday. Just like the previous year, the Metro attracted many pilgrims participating in these processions.

Young pilgrims, along with elders and women, enjoyed the Metro ride together. Pilgrims boarded the Metro from locations like Pimpri-Chinchwad, Nashik Phata, Bopodi, Nagar Road, Kalyaninagar, and Pune Railway Station.

"We come every year to participate in the palanquin procession. This year, too, we are traveling with the dindi. We saw the Metro last year, but this year we wanted to experience it. We traveled from the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation to the court station. We usually travel by train, but this was our first time traveling in such a clean and beautiful Metro," said Kisan Jamdade from Jalna.

Breakdown at Pune Station

On Sunday evening, the Metro traveling from Vanaz to Ramwadi experienced a breakdown at the Pune Station around 6:18 PM, causing a 12-minute delay. The Metro resumed its journey towards Ramwadi at 6:30 PM after the issue was resolved.

Meanwhile, the number of passengers surged significantly. With many roads closed due to the palanquin processions, people found the Metro to be a convenient alternative, leading to a substantial increase in ridership. The Metro services extended until 11 PM on Sunday.

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