Quid Pro Quo: Raj Thackeray on Pune Porsche Accident 'Essay' Punishment

Thackeray criticized the decision to punish the builder's son by asking him to write an essay, implying influence of a financial transaction.
Raj Thackeray - File Photo
Raj Thackeray - File Photo

Pune: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) leader Raj Thackeray made a startling comment regarding the recent Porsche car accident in Pune. Thackeray criticized the decision to punish the builder's son by asking him to write an essay, implying that such a lenient punishment could only result from financial transactions.

Thackeray was attending the convention of Brihan Maharashtra Marathi Mandal in the USA when he commented on the Porsche accident. During an interview conducted by actor Anand Ingale and senior journalist Aparna Velankar, Thackeray expressed his views on various issues, including the Pune Porsche accident.

"In the Pune accident, everyone is talking about the builder's son, the builder, and his father, and the minor's mother. But no one is talking about the two people who were crushed by the car. No one is speaking about their parents.

Shockingly, when the case went to court, the judge asked the minor to write a 300-word essay. What kind of justice is this? Such a punishment in court cannot happen without financial transactions. After this, whom will you trust—the police, the court, or the government?" Thackeray questioned. He warned that if the public loses faith, it will lead to anarchy.

"In America, no one dares to assault the police. In Maharashtra, anyone can come and hit the police. They are jailed for a day and then released. How low will we go? There has to be a limit," Thackeray added.

Speaking about the Marathi language, Thackeray advised that whether in the state or outside, wherever two Marathi people meet, they should converse in Marathi. Only then will the Marathi community remain united. He urged every Marathi person born in Maharashtra to strive for this unity.

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