Restrictions on Gatherings at Tourist Spots in Pune District

Tourists get lost at night due to unfamiliarity with terrain. To ensure safety of visitors, district administration has restricted gatherings.
File Photo - Bhushi Dam
File Photo - Bhushi Dam

Pune: In the past eight days, six citizens have tragically lost their lives in two separate incidents near Tamhini and Bhushi Dam. In response, District Collector Dr. Suhas Divse has imposed a ban on gatherings of five or more people at several tourist spots in the district until July 31.

Additionally, there are prohibitions on entering fast-flowing or deep water, swimming, taking selfies at dangerous locations such as waterfalls, cliffs, and sharp turns, and consuming alcohol at natural waterfalls.

Due to heavy rainfall, many waterfalls have formed in the regions of Maval, Mulshi, Haveli, Ambegaon, Khed, Junnar, Bhor, and Velha. The areas around Bhushi, Mulshi, Bhatghar, and Khadakwasla dams attract a large number of tourists, especially on weekends and holidays, leading to traffic congestion and potential law and order issues.

There is also a risk of tourists getting lost at night due to unfamiliarity with the terrain. To ensure the safety of visitors and maintain law and order, the district administration has implemented these restrictive measures.

Areas Under Restrictive Orders

  • Maval Taluka: Bhushi Dam, nearby dams and forts, Bendewadi and Dahuli (Andar Maval) waterfalls, Lonavala city and rural limits, Tiger Point, Lion’s Point, Rajmachi Point, Khandala, Sahara Bridge, Pavana Dam, Tata Dam, and Ghubad Lake.

  • Mulshi Taluka: Mulshi Dam, Tamhini Ghat forest area, and Milkybar waterfall.

  • Haveli Taluka: Khadakwasla Dam, Varasgaon Dam, and Sinhagad forts.

  • Ambegaon Taluka: Bhimashankar, Dimbhe Dam area, and Kondhwal waterfall.

  • Junnar Taluka: Malshej Ghat, dams and forts, Shivneri, and Manikdoh.

  • Bhor Taluka: Bhatghar dams and forts, and local waterfalls.

  • Velha Taluka: Dams, forts, and Katldhara waterfall.

  • Khed Taluka: Chaskaman Dam, Bhorgiri Ghat, local waterfalls, and forest areas.

  • Indapur Taluka: Kumbhargaon boating area.

Prohibited Activities

  • Vehicles are not allowed within a one-kilometer radius of waterfalls.

  • Alcohol consumption, possession, transportation, and unauthorized sale near natural waterfalls are prohibited.

  • Vehicles must not stop on roads or in dangerous spots.

  • Reckless driving, overtaking in hazardous conditions, and stopping on transportation routes are banned.

  • Harassment, eve-teasing, indecent behavior, and making obscene gestures or comments in public are prohibited.

  • Playing loud music, including DJ systems, and causing noise, air, or water pollution in public places is not allowed.

Call for Responsible Tourism: District Collector

  • Tourists should voluntarily impose restrictions on themselves.

  • Promote the concept of safe and responsible tourism.

  • Avoid taking risks in unfamiliar and dangerous locations.

  • The Western Ghats are beautiful but equally dangerous, with risks of landslides and incidents of even skilled swimmers being swept away by strong currents.

  • Enjoy nature, but do not jeopardize your life by engaging in unsafe activities.

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