Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi Reaches Varwand Amidst Devotional Enthusiasm

After stay in Yavat, pilgrims began arriving in Varwand. The Palkhi was welcomed in a devotional atmosphere with the chants of Vitthal.
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Pune: The Palkhi (palanquin) procession of Jagadguru Sant Tukaram Maharaj arrived in Varwand in the evening amidst the chants of cymbals and mridangams. The procession was enthusiastically welcomed by the villagers.

After concluding its stay in Yavat, the pilgrims began arriving in Varwand from the morning. The Palkhi was welcomed in a devotional atmosphere with the chants of Vitthal.

Devotees lined both sides of the road to bring the Palkhi into the village. The welcoming included decorative arches, rangoli patterns, and dhoti carpets laid out by the villagers in front of their houses.

This welcoming event underscored the deep-rooted devotion and community spirit in Varwand as they honored the Palkhi procession of Sant Tukaram Maharaj.

As the Palkhi reached the new Vitthal temple complex, it completed the ceremonial ringan amidst chants of "Vitthal Vitthal." Women carrying Tulsi Vrindavan and Warkaris with saffron flags circled the temple.

Villagers then carried the Palkhi into the temple on their shoulders, where it was placed for the night. Following the Aarti and offering of Naivedya, the devotees were allowed to have darshan. Separate queues were organized for men and women.

The new Vitthal temple complex was illuminated with electric lights. Messages promoting cleanliness, a pollution-free Wari, and the importance of planting and saving trees were displayed.

A health check-up center was set up by the health department in the temple complex, and tight security was maintained by the administration. For the pilgrims, the villagers arranged meals including dal, rice, and lapsi.

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