Siddharth Shirole: Revoke Fitness Certificate Fine for AutoRickshaw Drivers

During Legislative Assembly session, Shirole noted that auto-rickshaw drivers nationwide, including in Pune, are protesting against the daily fine.
Siddharth Shirole, MLA, Shivajinagar
Siddharth Shirole, MLA, ShivajinagarSakal Media Group

Pune: MLA Siddharth Shirole has called on the government to immediately revoke the mandatory daily fine imposed on auto-rickshaw drivers who fail to obtain a vehicle fitness certificate.

Shirole brought this issue to light during the Legislative Assembly session, noting that auto-rickshaw drivers nationwide, including in Pune, have been protesting against the daily Rs 50 fine. In Pune, all rickshaw unions have united to stage a strike in front of the District Collector's office.

Auto-rickshaw drivers are required to obtain a fitness certificate from the Regional Transport Officers to certify that their vehicles are suitable for passenger transport.

Recently, the government introduced a provision imposing a daily fine of Rs 50 for the period between the certificate's expiry and its renewal.

Shirole argued in the Legislative Assembly that this provision is unfair to auto-rickshaw drivers, whose livelihoods depend on their daily earnings to support their families.

The daily fine of Rs 50 would impose an undue burden on poor rickshaw drivers, making it difficult for them to afford. He urged the government to revoke this fine and provide relief to the struggling auto-rickshaw drivers.

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