Sinhagad Fort: Vehicles to be allowed in phased manner on holidays

Vehicles heading to fort will be halted at Kondhanpur checkpoint, while those leaving fort will be allowed to descend, and then new batch of vehicles will be allowed.
Kalyan Darwaza at Sinhagad Fort
Kalyan Darwaza at Sinhagad FortImage source: Wikipedia

Pune: In response to the increasing number of tourists visiting Sinhagad Fort, the Forest Department has devised a phased traffic management plan to alleviate the traffic congestion that typically occurs on holidays. This initiative involves a systematic release of vehicles onto the fort premises. The Forest Department has already issued guidelines to the Ghera Sinhagad Forest Management Committee regarding the new traffic plan.

The traffic management plan failed on Sunday (June 16), resulting in a shutdown of the final three kilometers of Sinhagad Ghat for over four hours. The situation was exacerbated on Monday, a public holiday, leading to unprecedented traffic congestion. The responsibility for traffic management in the Sinhagad Ghat area falls to the Ghera Sinhagad Forest Conservation Committee. Due to their failure to implement timely and appropriate measures, severe traffic congestion ensued.

Tourists faced significant inconvenience due to the traffic jam on Sunday. To ensure smoother access for the maximum number of tourists, the committee is planning to avoid congestion by implementing a schedule for vehicles traveling to and from Sinhagad Fort.

Vehicles heading to the fort will be halted at the Kondhanpur checkpoint, while those leaving the fort will be allowed to descend. Only after the vehicles from the fort have cleared the area will new vehicles be permitted to ascend. This approach aims to prevent congestion and ensure a more efficient traffic flow. The Forest Department has communicated these instructions to the committee.

To manage the number of tourists and vehicles effectively, a timetable will be prepared, with the plan set to be implemented starting this Saturday. The Forest Management Committee has been given the necessary directives to ensure strict adherence to the new plan.

Additional Measures

  • Uniforms and raincoats will be provided to security personnel.

  • White lines will be painted in the parking area to improve organization.

  • Repairs will be made to the dilapidated parking facilities.

  • Training in forest and traffic management will be provided.

  • Assistance will be sought from police and the transportation department regarding passenger vehicles.

  • Actions will be taken against those driving recklessly or at high speeds.

Pradeep Sankpal, Forest Range Officer, Bhamburda, emphasized the urgency and commitment to implementing these measures to enhance tourist experience and safety at Sinhagad Fort.

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