Sinhagad Road: All ready-mix concrete plants to be relocated in six months

The residents of Prayeja City have long been troubled by the pollution and traffic caused by the nearby ready-mix plants.
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Representative Image

Pune: In a decisive move to address the ongoing issues of heavy traffic and pollution caused by ready-mix concrete plants, the Sinhagad Road area will see all such projects relocated within the next six months.

This decision follows a recent accident in the Prayeja City area, which resulted in the death of a woman, sparking significant concern among local residents and authorities.

A joint meeting held at the Sinhagad Road Ward Office brought together key officials, including Assistant Commissioner Sandeep Khalate, Traffic Department Assistant Police Inspector Rajkumar Barde, former Corporator Haridas Charwad, and other relevant stakeholders. The meeting concluded with several critical resolutions aimed at alleviating the problems faced by residents.

Effective immediately, a total of ten wardens will be appointed to manage traffic regulation, with five wardens assigned to night shifts and five to day shifts. Furthermore, measures will be implemented to ensure that concrete spillages on the roads are regularly cleaned, and speed bumps will be installed in accordance with IRC guidelines.

The residents of Prayeja City have long been troubled by the pollution and traffic caused by the nearby ready-mix plants. The incessant dust and smoke, along with the dangerous presence of cement particles contaminating their food, have made living conditions unbearable. The local media had been vocal about these issues, prompting the recent meeting and subsequent actions.

Drastic steps will be taken against the ready-mix projects if they fail to relocate within the stipulated six months. Former Corporator Haridas Charwad emphasized that a strong protest would be organized if the projects are not moved as per the timeline.

In addition to the relocation, the municipal corporation, in collaboration with traffic authorities, will enforce stringent traffic regulations for the ready-mix projects and expedite the installation of speed bumps to ensure road safety.

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