4 reasons why 2021 is going to be a year of Fantasy Cricket

Owning to the COVID-19 induced lockdown, online gamers in India have shown great interest in Fantasy Cricket.
In Fantasy Cricket, you can decide who is  will be in your team. Featuring Virat Kohli in the picture. (Representational Image)
In Fantasy Cricket, you can decide who is will be in your team. Featuring Virat Kohli in the picture. (Representational Image)TBC

The pandemic and social distancing recommendations have changed how we look at the world. They have changed our socializing plans as people prefer to stay indoor rather venturing out. As people find new ways to stay connected, online games have become the new norm and who doesn’t like to play online games? They are fun, can be accessed anywhere, and guarantee hours of entertainment.

So, is COVID-19 lockdown responsible for this shift towards online gaming? Yes, it is! According to FCCI’s report, online gaming grew at a rapid rate of 40% in 2020. The same report revealed that fantasy sports grew by more than 100% in 2019 and the growth continues.

In the world of fantasy sports games, Indian online gamers have shown tremendous interest in fantasy cricket games. The reason is not hard to understand. Cricket is beloved sport in the country and occupies a special place where it is viewed as a religion. In view of the cricket’s importance in the hearts of Indians, it was no surprise that fantasy cricket became an instant hit when it made its debut in 2001.

In Fantasy Cricket, you can decide who is  will be in your team. Featuring Virat Kohli in the picture. (Representational Image)
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Fantasy cricket allows cricket lovers to be present and experience thrill of the match on the virtual ground. Players get to create their online cricket team by selecting from a pool of 25 to 30 players. Player selection is based on the actual performance and form of the players on the ground. This means that when you’re playing fantasy cricket, you can have Virat Kohli or Ben Stokes on your team. From selecting the right team to deciding on the batting lineup and carefully signing up for the matches, a fantasy cricket player has a lot of responsibilities as the owner of a virtual cricket team. The game truly keeps players clutching the edge of their seats.

Even though the concept became popular ever since its launch, the year 2021 seems to be the year when fantasy cricket will go big! Here are the four reasons why you should get on fantasy cricket:

1. The COVID-induced lockdown has given a huge push to the fantasy cricket industry

When talking about the growth of fantasy cricket and other fantasy sports games, the contribution of COVID-induced lockdown is undeniable. For months, people were forced to stay inside their homes and this confinement gave gaming enthusiasts more reasons to stick to their devices. The social distancing norm and not hanging out with friends helped to turn the non-gaming enthusiasts into big-time gamers.

In Fantasy Cricket, you can decide who is  will be in your team. Featuring Virat Kohli in the picture. (Representational Image)
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One of the chief reasons that fantasy cricket got so much traction is because cricket is already loved by everyone. With the matches stalled and no live matches to cheer the blue tigers, people naturally found solace in the fantasy world of cricket.

The growing popularity of fantasy cricket gave impetus to fantasy cricket league app makers to bring in more sponsors and come up with more creative marketing initiatives. These efforts paved the way for fantasy cricket to emerge into the game of 2021 that gaming enthusiasts cannot stay away from.

2. Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021

The 14th edition of the IPL is all set to raise the heat in the cricketing circle with its glam and glitz. This is welcome news for all the cricket lovers who have been missing the adrenaline rush of real matches during the pandemic. In the IPL 2021, a lot of overseas players have been known to make headlines, along with many Indian youngsters who are expected to make hearts race.

As for now, the BCCI hasn’t confirmed if there will be any audience on the ground during the IPL matches, but there are speculations that spectators might be allowed partially. But, whether IPL 2021 is allowed to have an audience or not, fantasy cricket players can join in on the fun. They can be a part of the IPL by being active on their fantasy cricket app. This is a great time to download the app and learn how to use it so that you can make the most of your participation in the IPL matches.

3. ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in 2021 is slated to be held in the 8th ICC Men’s T20 World Cup tournament. The tournament is scheduled for October and November. The tournament was originally supposed to take place in Australia in 2020, but the unexpected pandemic made ICC postpone it. But, this is again good news for fantasy cricket players as they can become a part of all the action and fun through their device. Added to all the good news, India is set to host this tournament.

In Fantasy Cricket, you can decide who is  will be in your team. Featuring Virat Kohli in the picture. (Representational Image)
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4. Big Bash Cricket League

Big Bash Cricket League is a popular and prominent cricket league in Australia. The T20 cricket alliance is similar to IPL. The league has so many matches that fantasy cricket players can participate in.

With so many upcoming cricket tournaments and leagues, 2021 surely looks like the year of fantasy cricket. Fantasy cricket players are all set to get so many opportunities to participate in various tournaments and create their fantasy cricket team. It is a great time to have the app downloaded and installed on your device.

Here, a few pro tips to help you ace the fantasy cricket:

● Team selection is the most crucial part of the fantasy cricket game. When selecting players for your team, make sure that you have done your research on the form and performance of the players in real-life. Even though the game is virtual the actual performance of the players on the ground will affect your ability to score points.

● The captain and also the vice-captain of your team will help you fetch 2X and 1.5X points respectively. You should not make your choice lightly.

● Create a balanced team. There ought to be a healthy mix of ballers, batsmen, and also all-rounders. All-rounders will help you score points when they’re batting and bowling.

So, what are you waiting for? 2021 is a great time to play, try it out yourself on https://www.mpl.live/fantasy-cricket/.

(Fantasy cricket involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly at your own risk. Sakal Media Pvt Ltd or any of its related entities are not responsible for any form of loss arising from fantasy cricket. The game is applicable for people above 18 only.)

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