Stunt Reel: Pune Police file charges against youths for dangerous video

The video titled Grip Strength Check was shot on a derelict building near the Pune-Bangalore Highway by Mihir Gandhi and Meena Salunkhe performing dangerous stunts.
Stunt Reel video shot by a girl near Katraj New Tunnel in Pune
Stunt Reel video shot by a girl near Katraj New Tunnel in Pune

Pune: A video of a young woman, identified as Meena Salunkhe, hanging precariously from a building while holding a young man's hand to create a reel has gone viral, prompting Bharati Vidyapeeth police to file charges against them.

The duo, Meena Salunkhe and Mihir Gandhi shot the risky video on the roof of an abandoned building near the Katraj New Tunnel on the Pune-Bangalore Highway. The police have charged the youths with conspiracy and reckless behavior endangering lives.

The viral video shows the young woman holding the young man's hand and dangling from an old building, with three to four videographers present at the scene.

This incident follows a recent tragedy in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, where a young woman died while making a reel. She fell into a ravine along with her car during the shoot near the Dattamandir in the Daulatabad area.

The video, shot on a derelict building near the Pune-Bangalore Highway, features the young man Mihir and girl Meena performing dangerous stunts. Titled "Grip Strength Check," the video shows the young woman hanging mid-air from the two- to three-story building while holding the man's hand. The individuals shooting the video are also visible, with one person filming from below. The video has drawn widespread criticism for its recklessness.

The youths have been charged under sections 34 and 336 of the Indian Penal Code, which pertain to acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention and endangering life or personal safety of others, respectively.

These offenses can result in up to three months of imprisonment, a fine of ₹250, or both. The charges are bailable but non-compoundable, meaning they cannot be settled out of court.

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