Traffic Police Officers Assaulted on Sinhagad Road, Two Arrested

Suspects stopped car in the middle of road, got out, verbally abused, physically assaulted police officers, saying, "You don’t know who I am."
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Pune city has been witnessing a rise in criminal activities, leaving citizens anxious and fearing for their safety. In a recent incident at Kolhewadi Phata on Sinhagad Road, two individuals assaulted an on-duty police officer, raising concerns about the safety of law enforcers themselves.

The accused, Mangesh Shivaji Phadke (34, Heaven Park, Mohammadwadi, Hadapsar) and Bapu Rohidas Dalvi (45, near Shell Petrol Pump, Mohammadwadi), have been charged under sections 121(1), 132, 351(2), 351(3), and 352 of the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita 2023 at the Haveli Police Station.

According to detailed reports, a contractor was awarded a tender for constructing the Kolhewadi Shivnagar Road in the Sinhagad Road area. The work, stalled due to the onset of the monsoon, has been causing daily traffic jams.

On Sunday, police officers Rishikesh Gaikwad and R.C. Fadtare were deployed to manage the traffic. Around 3 PM, Officer Rishikesh Gaikwad noticed a speeding car and signaled the driver to pull over.

The driver, Mangesh Phadke, responded aggressively and refused to comply. Phadke stopped the car in the middle of the road, got out, and verbally abused and physically assaulted Officer Gaikwad, saying, "You don’t know who I am. Watch how I make you lose your job."

As Constable R.C. Fadtare rushed to help his colleague, Bapu Rohidas Dalvi, who was in the car, also joined in the assault on the policemen. The Haveli Police are investigating the incident.

Recently, a policeman on duty was killed on the spot, and another injured, after their patrol bike was hit by a speeding Car at the underpass near Harris Bridge in Bopodi area on the old Pune-Mumbai Highway on July 7 late night.

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